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Tara Carin Murphy Fine Art

I am Tara Carin Murphy, an artist based in the Central Pennsylvania area who creates beauty through fine art, specializing in oil painting. Using brush layering and pallet knife, whilst including techniques of the old masters, and styles I admire in today’s talented artists, I’ve developed my own unique self-taught style. Elevated, in flow, rising beyond reason, my paintings focus on the romance and beauty of navigating life and flourishing soulfully in the aliveness that is eternal and expressionistic. I enjoy creating large, contemporary abstracts inspired by aerial flying, due to my family-owned airport, Reigle Airport. My work is heavily influenced by nature, and a deep mythological narrative. My greatest artistic passion and pursuit is to empower a woman’s journey in life via portraits and symbolism, with an innate connection to our planet, mastering ourselves, navigating time, falling in love, peace, loss, grief, self love, becoming powerful, surrendering to nature, growing in self worth, and peacefulness. I embody ancient cultural knowingness in my work, celebrating the cycles of nature and life. As my artistic journey grows and blooms, so will the stories I will share in my future creations of more beauty, joy, justice, love and honor, to make the world a better place.

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